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Spiral CT Scans

Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012 Written by Endang Solihudin 7572 times Print

The spiral CT Scan is available in the department on which entire range of diagnostic studies of the brain and rest of the body are performed.

In addition to whole body CT imaging dual phase CT Scan of the liver, pancreas and vascular studies like spiral CT angiography of cerebral, carotid, abdominal, thoracic, and peripheral, vessels are performed with the help of pressure injector for accurate depiction of vessels without the need for any invasive procedure. Virtual colonoscopy, endoscopy and laryngoscopy are also done in our setup. High-resolution CT study for lungs and bony abnormalities like temporal bone are performed routinely.

3D reconstruction of axial images by forming MPR and SSD is done in cases wherever required.

Adequate quantity of contrast agent is given and thin sections are taken wherever required, so that image quality is maintained. The non-ionic contrast media is always used to ensure that no adverse reactions occur.



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